KP Yohannan: To serve humbly in love

To serve humbly in love: Missionaries and their role in aiding the underprivileged

by: KP Yohannan

In the first years of Christianity, the apostle Paul told followers in southern Galatia about the freedom and salvation people will obtain upon embracing Christ. But such freedom comes with a big responsibility: “[D]o not use your freedom to indulge in the flesh; rather, serve one another humbly in love,” he said.

Missionaries and their role in aiding the underprivileged - KP Yhohannan - Gospel for Asia

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Following Christ does not solely revolve around loving and praising God. Of equal importance is showing His love and compassion to others, God’s creations. Just as Jesus Christ lived a life of service and died on the cross to save mankind, the lives of followers of the Christian faith should be marked by acts of sacrifice for others.

There are many ways to show concern, kindness, and generosity. Simple deeds can begin in homes and communities. Those with a burning passion to reach out to the world’s underprivileged often join or support international missions. While huge challenges await all who desire to share Christ’s name in word and deed, the heavenly reward for obedience to God’s call is truly great.

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Mission agencies such as Gospel for Asia enable countless men and women who are unable to travel overseas take part in reaching the most unreached with the message of Christ’s great love by financially supporting and praying for Christian missionaries in South Asia. GFA works in nations where a majority of the population has yet to hear the Good News of salvation Jesus offers. Many people living within what is known as the 10/40 window are suffering from social, economic, and political ills. Furthermore, a majority of them have yet to hear of Christ’s redeeming love and the great hope He offers

To serve humbly in love: Missionaries and their role in aiding the underprivileged - KP Yohannan - Gospel for Asia

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Around the world, missionaries assist the downtrodden through prayers, outreach programs and gifts to improve their lives, also offering other Christian resources that with the hope of freeing people from despair and hopelessness. . Many international missionaries have discovered the local believers are much more effective in sharing the Good News and establishing fellowships, because these men and women serve without cultural or linguistic barriers. Throughout the years, scores of Bible schools and Christian communities have sprung up in nations like Nepal, Sri Lanka and Myanmar aided only by the prayers of men and women overseas,.

Kp Yohannan’s Gospel for Asia shares the Good News in some of the most unreached countries of the world by training and supporting men and women God has called to share the love of Jesus, and partnering these faithful men and women with prayer and financial supporters around the world. Find out more about its missionary work at this website.